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Starlight Enterprises - Project Lead the Way

Cassie Elvin and the team at Starlight Enterprises have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of those in Tuscarawas County. The curriculum they have adopted will push the development of skills for trade and everyday life. Perci was able to see this first hand and knew this was something we needed to get behind.

The Rainbow Connection is happy to support the vision Starlight has with the Discover You program that focuses on the youth transition from ages 14 to adulthood. A pivotal portion of this program is Project Lead the Way. This is a STEM program that helps individuals use transformative learning. They can create things through a different process using critical thinking allowing them to come up with an answer through exploration.

We were able to help purchase iPads, laptops, a laser cutter, an interactive smart board, and a 3D printer for students to be able to create and learn with PLTW. Starlight Director, Cassie Elvin stated that PLTW has helped many students progress in certain areas that lead to a more fulfilling life. These areas include vocabulary expansion, confidence, and independence. Students can map out a path by using color-coding to certain local destinations, so they can walk independently with the use of an iPad.

We at the Rainbow Connection are excited to watch the young individuals at Starlight grow into confident and independent adults! If you are interested in supporting Cassie and her team at Starlight, contact them by calling (330) 339-2020.

Executive Assistant

Alexis Bryant

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