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We Are Calling on Tuscarawas County to Support Neighbors

It is 2022, and we all have been on this wild rollercoaster that seems neverending. You would only expect to experience it in movies, but we all were affected one way or another by Covid-19. We are approaching the second anniversary of our world shutting down, and there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, but we are not certain. We are calling on you to come together to support our neighbors.

Some were hit harder than others with hospital visits, extended stays, or other unexpected medical expenses. There has never been a greater need for those who can help to do just that. The Rainbow Connection is here to help facilitate that help.

What we do

We assist with medical bills, prescriptions, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, and more. If you need additional information or how to apply for assistance, call (330) 343-8686. You can also connect with us through our website here. We are also on all major social media platforms.

How to help

Once a year, we hold our Telethon fundraiser. It is scheduled for Sunday, March 6th, from 11 am to 4 pm.

You can contribute by calling in your pledge to (330) 343-1600, or you can participate in our online auction. The auction will begin Wednesday, March 2nd at 12 pm. You can access the online auction here. If you cannot do either, you can donate anytime here.


The Rainbow Connection has been a steady resource for residents in our community for over 70 years. The Rainbow Connection is an independent health charity dedicated to serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals in our community. Over the last five years,

The Rainbow Connection has given over $1.2 Million to over 10,000 residents in Tuscarawas County.

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