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Thank you Tuscarawas County!

It seems we are full of thanks here at the Rainbow Connection. We were just thanking Carmel for her service to the community for over 22 years. Now, we are overwhelmed by the support that was shown this past Sunday at our annual telethon. Considering all the challenges we have faced as a community, it meant the world to get close to our fundraising goal. This was my first telethon as Executive Director, and I consider it a success.

Our Board of Directors, Corporate Sponsors, schools, and donors all played a part in making my first telethon a great experience. I would also like to thank BigTime Sports, WTUZ, WJER, and all the other media outlets that worked with us. As an organization, we are always thinking of the best way to deliver on promises we make to our corporate sponsors. This year we needed to make adjustments and no one complained. We had a discussion about how we can include our sponsors in next year's telethon but still keep it concise. I am open to suggestions on this matter. We also love when we can have our local schools come on air and share their contributions with us.

Principal Rich Page pictured above with some of the students from Claymont Elementary.

We will be spending the rest of this year helping clients with their medical bills and other projects that help our community. I will be making my rounds and awarding our sponsors with their annual gifts. I will also be on a mission to make everyone aware of the Rainbow Connection and what we do for the residents of Tuscarawas County. I plan on growing our social media pages as much as I can by creating video content throughout the year. Give us a follow on every platform, and help us spread the word so we can help more people and organizations. Again, thank you Tuscarawas County! We love you!

Executive Director

Perci Garner

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