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2022 Final Tally

The 2022 Rainbow Connection Telethon is now behind us, and the focus is shifting from fundraising to serving our community. Before moving forward, we want to share our final total. We wanted to include the money raised by our local schools. Our schools raised over $19,000 this year, which brings our total up to $303,427.96. Our schools would come to the Telethon and present their donation check in the past. We hope to include them in next year's Telethon. More donations will still be coming in, and we welcome monthly contributions, but we are sticking with the total above. In case we haven't said thank you enough, Thank you!

We now have the responsibility to use these funds to impact Tuscarawas County positively. We take that responsibility seriously. We need all of our supporters to share our mission with those who may not know so that we can assist more individuals and organizations. Our goal is to let all of Tuscarawas County know what we do and why.

Next year is our 50th annual Telethon. We will make this a memorable fundraiser that may introduce different ideas that have never been a part of past Telethons. We may also be searching for a few more volunteers to help plan. Until then, we are looking forward to working with our local organizations and residents. We hope you are as excited as we are. Again, thank you for making our mission possible.

Executive Director,

Perci Garner III

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